Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Recycling in the Outdoors

solar panels
Many people want to learn how to reduce waste and conserve energy with what they do outside. What kind of trees are the most environmentally friendly? What are the effects of using too much fertilizer? We'll try to cover as much of that as we can and throw in a few helpful tips so you can have a great looking backyard and be eco-friendly at the same time.

Solar Energy Good or Bad?
I've heard both sides of the story, including a great deal of issues with solar panels. The issue isn't that solar panels don't bring in clean energy, it's that the process of installing them and the research we do to develop them far exceeds the benefit they give to us. Also there's a great deal of toxins involved with producing the products, and if disposed in the wrong way, the solar panels can be an environmental nightmare. If you get solar panels, just remember to keep them in a place where there will be plenty of sunlight, and always have it running, even during the winter months.

Recycle Your Materials
You don't have to just stick with recycling plastic bags, there are plenty of materials outside our home that you can recycle. Do you consume a large amount of biodegradable materials? Set up a compost pile in the back of your yard, throw a handfull of worms in there, and you have yourself the richest fertilizer for your garden you can ever imagine. Just leaving a pile of biodegradable material in a compost pile for a year results in a suitable way to fertilize your garden and lawn.

Don't over fertilize things
A bit of fertilizer to get your plants growing is just fine, but everyone wants to have the greenest lawn on the property, which can take a toll on the local environment. Nitrogen blasting your lawn leads to a lot of nitrogen runnoff, which winds up in ponds and lakes, leading to algae blooms. These nasty green blooms kills off native plant and fish species and wipes out an entire body of water for good. Good luck swimming in that muck pond.

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