Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Bird Watching for Beginners

Bird - Blue Jay
There's a few best practices to follow if you want to get into bird watching. I'm certainly not an expert, but I've heard these tips from a few experts that I personally know.

1. Start in the morning - Almost all birds enjoy making their appearances at dawn, and they quickly go into hiding once it gets a bit warmer out. They are active and loud in the mornings, and generally don't make quite as good of an appearance later in the day. Depending on the time of the year, 6 AM is usually a good time to start.
2. Get some binoculars - In order to pinpoint birds and tell exactly what kind of bird you're looking at is, it's best to get a nice pair of binoculars you can use for decades. I would recommend getting a pair that you can wrap around your neck to have instant access to them while walking around. If you have any bird houses set up around your property, always have your eye out for them, as it can be tough to catch birds in their nesting environments.
3. Attend a lecture or two - There are quite a few great bird blogs and forums on the web, and they all list well known birding experts who can tell you a bit more about the birds they study and how they live in your area. You will learn quite a bit about birds, but even more about where you live.

Best of luck on your birding expeditions!

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