Friday, December 21, 2012

The Trouble with Dragons - An Eco Friendly Book

In the morning they read... Oh how  I love the...

The Trouble with Dragons is an excellent children’s book about the environment that was written and illustrated by the extremely talented Debi Gliori.

The dragons are very colorful and have very expressive features. The city that the Dragons live becomes more and more crowded with all of the space taken up. There are some amusing small touches to the pictures of the book. The motorway sign reads to CO2 and the factory chimney  is of cigarettes.

In the book, the Dragons do not look after their environment. The Dragons begin to experience the effects of the sea beginning to rise and the affects of their wastefulness.

The dragons agree to adapt and modify their behavior  There are many things in the way the Dragons live which have to be changed in order to live in an environmentally sustainable way. These changes are simply explained so that the Dragons do not become extinct..

The Trouble with Dragons is a children’s book that is about caring, sharing and working together to look after the environment. It is evaluated as an All Green Children’s book.

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